Texting has now become a very popular way of communication among singles. It is a quick way to communicate and fun as well. Men text women for various motives. Here are four types of texters you must be aware of.

Womanizing texter

He texts only to get female attention. To him, texting is a low commitment way of being in touch. This type of man texts many women on a regular basis. This way he feels more desirable. It gives him an ego boost.

The cheating texter

You will feel as if he is interested in you romantically. But he is already in a relationship. This type of texters is cheating you. He is not physically cheating, but just flirting with other women. No woman would want your man to engage with other women in this way.

Types of Texters You Should Be Careful About When cowboy  Dating

The needy texter

This type of man will text you all day. He needs your help. You will keep on texting little things all day. In the beginning, you might enjoy it, but later, you will find it annoying.

The controlling texter

This guy will show a lot of interest in you. He will want to know what you are doing, where you are going, etc. You might feel flattered initially, but these demanding texts will soon become annoying and alarming as well.

Guys choose to text for various reasons. Some do it to get emotional support, while others use it as a way to get into a serious relationship. You should be careful about the motive of the texter so that you don’t get into any trouble later.


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To many people, text trucker dating seems more convenient than having a phone conversation. Text dating has its advantages, but there are many drawbacks as well. You should be cautious when you see the following signals.

  1. If you notice that the person tweets or gives a Facebook status but hasn’t responded to your text message yet, then it indicates that you are not a priority in his life.
  2. You get a text message saying ‘I’m sorry, I just saw your text’ like 12 or more hours later. Hardly any phone gets unnoticed for more than 8 hours in a day. The phone is something that is within your reach, and you can just pick it up. If someone texts you after so long, it means that the person is ignoring you or not interested in you.
  3. When the person only replies to your text message partially leaving the rest of it unanswered, it’s a red alert sign. It shows that the person only chooses what he or she will acknowledge within the text conversation. This raises suspicion.
  4. When a person doesn’t text you back after you have sent more than three texts, then it’s a clear sign that the person is not interested in you anymore.

It is difficult to know a person just by texting. These signals can help you know about the person and decide whether you want to carry on the relationship or not.

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Our world has become fast paced, and we hardly find time to meet people. We don’t have the time to get into long conversations. People today rely on SMS and text messages for biker dating app. But sending the wrong messages can cause problems in your relationship. Here are five effective rules of text dating.

Be different

Many people use buzzwords like ‘playing it cool’. You should not follow them, instead, try to be different. If you meet someone you like, then you should text them right away. You should show your interest in that person.

Get to the point

You shouldn’t send texts that don’t achieve something specific. You should arrange to meet in person as soon as possible. Otherwise, you must just end up being a text buddy. Instead of saying ‘let’s meet up’, say ‘there is a nice place for coffee, would you like to try it you?’

Don’t rush in

Don’t rush into a relationship. Give it time to build up. You should ask about his or her favourite food, what kind of restaurants he or she likes, etc. before going to a dinner together. This shows that you are interested in the person.

Avoid shortcuts

You should use full sentences when texting instead of using short sentences like ‘C U 2morrow’. If possible, get a phone with full ‘qwerty’ keypad which will help you in typing your messages.

Use smileys


Sometimes smileys can convey better feelings than words. So, you should use smileys when appropriate. Sometimes words may look rude, but not smileys.

These points are very important when you are text dating. Keep these in mind, and you will be able to build up an effective relationship by text dating.

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