We teach you the fast and easy way to use text messaging for dating. It is a new trend that has started in dating people. It is better than phone conversation in a way that you can re-write your text and send a polished message to a person. Text dating has opened up a new world for the singles. It helps singles to flirt and text with like-minded people. It also helps shy people to get out of their shell and go on a date. We help people in the following ways.

Match profiles

We send you matching profiles of people in your area using your mobile’s GPS system. You can look for local friends and singles to chat with and later meet up.

Learn the rules

Text dating is something new. We will help you to learn the general rules of text messaging. You will know the text messaging etiquette so that you can have a long-term relationship with the person you are dating.

Help in choosing the right vocabulary and message

We help you know what kind of message you want to send to the other person so that he or she gets attracted to you. We help you choose the right word, phrases, etc. for any situation.

We have studied many text dating sites and have talked to several text dating experts before compiling our tips and advice in this site. So, our advice works in almost all cases, and you can rely on us.