You want to light up a room so that is stands out above the rest and the way in which you could go is to use the great LED lights. Having an LED wall lamp can be perfect for any room; these are so great because they don’t cost too much energy though the price for those might be a little more than what you would think you would have to pay.

When you want to wire a new LED wall lamp then it is not going to be that difficult and really you could do this within a new if you do this properly and have the wiring installed to the lamp to the switch.You will need to have some tools and materials for this

installation including;

1.A wire stripper and wire nuts
2.A new wall switch
3.Some electrical wiring
4.You will also need to get your new LED light also.

If you are ever working with electrical then you should know that you always have to shut down any electricity that might be flowing into the area in which you are going to be working in.

So switch the power off completely – the main power switch is probably the best way to make certain that there is no electricity showing up in the room when you are working there. If you are sure that all of the power to the room has been switched off then you are going to be able start your wiring. You should start off with connecting your wires, you will have to attach each of the wires to the proper channels – take note that sometimes you will have to connect the same colored wires together.You should add the color wires to the same colored wires and make sure that they have been properly kept together by the use of a wire cap. You can take your wire through to the switch you will be using.

You will need to connect your wiring to your wall switch so take the end of the wire and lead that through to your set screw terminal. From there you can go ahead and attach this wire – it should be your black wire and attach that to your set screw terminal. Set aside the white wire for the moment because you don’t need to actually attach this at the moment. Take your switch and connect that to your main power supply, this is easy to do but still a cautious step for many that are no comfortable with wiring.

So nothing to be nervous about, take the black wire from your power supply and then proceed to attach that to your switch terminal. Next take your white wire and use a wire nut to connect this also. The last step that you are going to have to do now, is to turn your power back on, now if you have the job right then everythingwill be fine and hopefully you have wired the lamp properly. That is it, you are now finished. You have completed your wiring of your lamp and you can now go and try it out and see how well you have done; if you have followed these steps correctly then you will find that your installation has gone right. So good luck and go ahead and try out your new LED lamp.

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