8 Top Award-Winning Air Conditioners Brands in India

Hitachi AC, Daikin AC and Voltas AC are products from some of the most prominent brands renowned for manufacturing superior air conditioners in India. Other brands like Whirlpool, Blue Star, etc. also made their mark in the market courtesy their quality products and after-sales services.

However, confusion arises when it comes to selecting the top ac brands in India. All these companies offer something unique which make them better than the other. For bringing various technological innovations to their products, these companies have received several accolades and awards. 

Daikin received the award for the Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioner at the National Energy Conservation Awards 2017. In 2015, this award went to Godrej and previously in 2013, to Voltas.

Not only the companies, but their air conditioners have also received several awards that took them to the top. 

The list below contains some of the best-awarded air conditioners in India you can purchase:

1. Hitachi Kashikoi 5400X 1.5-Ton Split AC

The Hitachi Kashikoi 5400X 1.5-Ton Split AC features iSee image sensor technology is responsible for face detection. This aids the AC to release cool air towards the detected people. These ACs save power, avoid cooling wastage, and deliver faster cooling. Also, the iClean technology of a Hitachi AC cleans the filters automatically. 

iSense is another technology that this Hitachi AC has; it automatically controls the cooling at night while saving power and delivering a comfortable night sleep.  

2. Blue Star Precision Inverter ACs 

Blue Star Precision Inverter ACs can both heat and cool. These models feature a Dual Rotor Inverter Compressor that delivers faster cooling while lowering its operational noise. BLDC Motor is another component of Blue Star AC that increases its energy efficiency.

Cold Plasma Technology produces an ionic bond that kills dangerous bacteria and other airborne anomalies.

3. Daikin JTKJ50 1.5-Ton Inverter Split AC 

The Daikin JTKJ50 1.5-Ton Inverter Split AC comes with power chill operation that can lower high room temperatures rapidly. This Daikin AC comes with Coanda airflow technology which throws the air upwards enabling it to circulate throughout the room. Its Intelligent Eye has an infra-red sensor that detects human movement and adjusts cooling accordingly. 

4. Voltas 183 MZY-IMS 1.5-Ton Split AC

The 1.5-Ton 183 MZY-IMS Split AC from Voltas comes with high ambient cooling at 50°C. This Voltas AC also comes with an active dehumidifier that can automatically detect indoor humidity. Its s-Stage Filtration system kills harmful bacteria and allergens in the air to deliver a fresher air.

5. Godrej GIC 18 DINV 5 RWQH 1.5 Ton Split Inverter AC

This Godrej 1.5 Ton Split Inverter AC features Artic Cool Technology that can provide cooling up to 16°C. It has 100% copper condenser pipes that ensure more energy savings.  Also, the i-Sense Technology in this Godrej AC automatically senses the room temperature and adjusts the cooling accordingly. 

6. Whirlpool 3D Cool 1.5-Ton Inverter Split AC 

The Whirlpool 3D Cool 1.5-Ton Inverter Split AC integrates 3D Cool Technology that provides 40% faster cooling by throwing air up to 12 m away. It can further cool at temperatures as high as 55°C. 

One unique feature of this Whirlpool AC is that it’s Wi-Fi enabled and thus, enables users to control it while at home or outdoors. Owing to its IntelliSense Inverter Technology, this AC generates low noise and works without a stabiliser.

7. Haier HSU-16HD7DCINV Inverter Split AC 

The HSU-16HD7DCINV Inverter Split AC from Haier has an innovative Self-Clean Technology that automatically removes the dust by freezing the evaporator. Courtesy its Smart Eye feature, this Haier AC can save up to 65% energy.  

The air conditioner can throw air up to 40 feet and can also be controlled via Wi-Fi. Its stabiliser-free operation enables this Haier AC to work on voltages as low as 120V.

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8. Lloyd LS18I53ID 1.5-Ton Split AC

The 1.5-Ton Lloyd LS18I53ID Split AC comes with 2-Way Swing that opens its air vane in the counterclockwise direction and throws the air horizontally. The 4D Express Cooling in this Lloyd AC ensures faster cooling by pulling in 20% more air. This product also has Wi-Fi capabilities and a Twin Rotary Compressor.

So, whether you go with the Hitachi AC or the Godrej AC or any other brand, you’ll enjoy superior cooling and energy saving.

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