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HealthRx app

In recent times, India has witnessed a steady rise in its lifestyle diseases. Such alarming health conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, etc. are mostly chronic and require extended treatment and medication. 

Apart from these, cases of diseases like thyroid, coronary conditions and cancer have also increased in the country in the last few years, with a prediction of 1 among every 10 Indians developing cancer in their lifetime. While each of these diseases varies in nature and effect, they have one thing in common – long term medical care and medication.

In this regard, the need for medication reminders has become pronounced among healthcare services, as most individuals lead hectic lives and encounter missed medication schedules. Furthermore, such reminders are also essential for the elderly who have a higher probability of missing their medication timings.

Features of apps for medicine reminders

To do away with the issue of missing medication schedules, individuals can avail the assistance of healthcare apps. These digital tools can help with timely reminders about their medicines, and subsequently, ensure that they do not miss any dosage.

To avail the benefits of the best apps for medication reminders, one should look for the following features – 

  • The app must be easily navigable with a simple user interface. It can help all users, including elderly individuals, to set reminders without difficulty.
  • Such an app must allow the alert to be set for multiple medicines, at different timings throughout the day.
  • Individuals should be able to customise the medication reminders, as and when needed. For instance, the apps must allow users to set the schedule, the beginning of a medication course, its duration, timing and dosage as prescribed. 

Apps proffering such functionalities with respect to medication reminders are extremely useful healthcare service tools and allow users to account for their well-being more efficiently.

In this regard, the Bajaj Finserv HealthRx app can be a typically beneficial tool, aiding individuals with their medication schedules, alongside serving several other healthcare-related functions.

How to set medication schedule through the HealthRx app?

To set medication dosage reminders on the app, individuals will have to first download it on their smartphone in the following few steps.

  • Visit the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store to install the app on your Android phone or iPhone, respectively.
  • Once installed, enter your contact number to the app when prompted.
  • You will receive an OTP on the contact number provided. Enter the OTP to log in to the app.
  • Enter details like your name, gender and age to start using the app.

Once individuals have successfully registered themselves with the app, they can set the medication reminders by following these steps mentioned below – 

  • Tap on to the option marked ‘medication reminder’ on the app’s homepage.
  • Enter the name of the medicine and upload its photograph, if required.
  • Fill up the designated fields like schedule, duration, dosage and timing. You can also add any additional notes to customise.
  • Set a reminder schedule.

With these steps, your medication reminder will be set, thus helping you to eliminate the risks of missing any dosage.

With such simple usability, HealthRx serves as a suitable app for medication reminders. 

Other benefits of the HealthRx app

Apart from daily scheduled reminders, this app offers its users several other healthcare services like – 

  • It helps to track down the best doctors in the vicinity by their specialisation, name, clinic, or the disease that needs to be diagnosed.
  • Users can make appointments with doctors and clinics, and thus save the hassle of waiting in long queues at clinics.
  • It also facilitates telemedicine, through which one can consult doctors online.
  • One can also upload prescriptions and other medical records for storage at a single place, thus allowing users to access them as and when required.
  • Its health score feature allows users to gauge their fitness level with a set of lifestyle-related questions.
  • Users can avail personalised healthcare service packages by way of preventive check-ups, health insurance, medical/doctor consultation, etc.

With multiple benefits, this app is an efficient way to keep track of one’s medications alongside availing various peripheral services related to medical care.

Financial institutions providing such apps also offer health cards to complement availing such services through essential funding.

How does a health card complement the HealthRx app?

Both the health card and the app are healthcare tools that facilitate individuals to avail medical services more easily. Although available with different functionalities, they serve a combined cause of enabling users to avail better medical care.

While the health app proffers users with benefits mentioned above, the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card allows cardholders to pay for their medical bills in easy, No-Cost EMIs, making treatments affordable.

Existing customers of this NBFC can avail the online health card application facility through their institution’s website against a nominal payment of Rs.707. Subsequently, they can use this card at over 5,500 partner facilities across more than 1,000 cities in India. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the benefits of this card are available on bills generated at pharmacies, multi-speciality hospitals, diagnostic care centres, etc. for over 800 treatments.

Thus, with the collective benefits offered through this card and the app, individuals can conveniently eliminate the hassles of availing and following through with essential healthcare.

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