Choosing the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

Earrings are one of the most important accessories which complete the look of a woman. Earrings have a huge role to play in enhancing the look on your face. Hence, you must choose earrings that best suit face type. Earrings can make anyone’s face appear long, wide, circular, and thin. So to help you select the right earring type for your face shape, we have given a list of the earrings and the face shapes they look best on. 

  • Inverted triangle-shaped 

If you have a wide forehead and a narrower, pointed chin, it means you have an inverted triangle face. A heart-shaped face also has similar features. The only difference is that a heart-shaped face us shorter. If you have an inverted triangular-shaped face, to balance it out you need to choose earrings that remove emphasis from the forehead zone and make your jawline appear wide. For this, chandeliers and teardrop earrings are the best. 

  • Oval shaped 

Of you have an oval face, you don’t have to worry. Your face would look good with earrings of any type. But if you want to make your face prominent you can go for simple big studs or triangular earrings. These would put more emphasis on your cheekbones. 

  • Round shaped face 

If your cheekbones are high and your face doesn’t tapper down to the chins, it means you have a round face. Hence, you need earrings which would make your face appear a bit slim. For that, you must choose to wear dangle or drop earrings. You can get the best gold drop earrings design online at affordable prices. Never were large circular hoops, because they emphasise on the roundness of a woman’s face and your face is already that! Of course, you won’t be wanting to exaggerate your face’s roundness. 

  • Heart-shaped face

If you have wide foreheads while the lower portion of your face narrows down towards the chin, you have a heart-shaped face. So, you need to emphasise on the chin area. Women having heart-shaped faces can wear chandelier or teardrop earrings similar to women with an inverted triangular shape. These would create the illusion of a wide chin, thus de-emphasizing your forehead. These earrings are wider at the bottom than the top, thus balancing out your face. 

  • Narrow and long face shape

If you have a thin, long face, you should choose earrings that would give the illusion of a wide face. Short dangles, studs, hoops are best for women having narrow, long faces. Apart from these, you can wear any type for round shaped earrings as they will widen your face, making it appear fuller. 

  • Square shaped

A few women have a square jawline. They need to soften the hard and prominent edges on their faces. For that, they should wear earrings having round or medium edges. You can go for hoops or circular earrings. Even oval-shaped earrings would do well. Never wear square studs or square-shaped hoops. That would only reinforce the squareness of your face. 

Search for the best rose gold earrings online if you want to give a romantic touch to your feminine look. Again, if you are looking for a dramatic and chic look, choose earrings with square or straight edges.

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