Everything you need to know about cable protectors

Naked cable wires are a very risky site both indoors and outdoors. If working with cords, cables, and wires in an area where foot or vehicle traffic is involved, then opting for a quality cable protection cover manufacturer in Delhi is an essential investment. 

Cable covers or cable protectors for covering naked cable wires in a large or tight space is a great way to protect the general public and employees from various sorts of electrical or trip hazards. Confidingly, while accepting such a task, you are of course advised to consider the right protectors, but with so many out there in the market, the real question how can you find the right one?

Well, for starters, you need to assess how many cables do you want to protect. Second, look for the best available size, material, and color in cable protectors. Lastly, consider the application of using such protectors. 

Why do you need cable protection and protectors?

Cable wires are used in a surmounting number of industries across the globe. These include railway infrastructure, food and beverage, automation, shipbuilding, and telecommunications. Every ground-breaking innovation actually requires cable wires. The need for cable wires in different industrial domains is imperative. However, it is also important to protect these wires from any damage, and the people who walk over them. But, why is cable protection important, and why many different industries must use cable protectors?

  1. To ensure the health and safety of pedestrians and workers: Health and safety are the primary concern of adding cable protectors to an operation. Cable protection solutions not only keep all the cables together, but also protect these wires from any wear and tear due to natural calamities, and prevent people from walking directly over them. This further prevents fires, explosions, electrical shortages, and human electrocution. 
  • Keeps the cable weatherproof: The elements in cables exposed are vulnerable to natural elements like extreme sunlight, pouring rains, and snow. Prolonged or direct exposure to such natural characteristics can result in early aging, splits and tears, dents, holes, and frozen conduits. The replacement of such wires is expensive and dangerous. 
  • Improves efficiency and economy: Unprotected cables can lead to malfunctioning and damage. However, if these are protected well, the risks related decreases, which reduces the costs on equipment required to replace cable wires.

How to choose cable protection: Things to consider

Before you pick out a cable protection cover supplier in India, you need to consider your choices

  1. How many cables you want to protect : Learn the overall diameter of the cable wires. Make sure that the cables fit in the cable protector. Remember, as the number of channels on the cable protectors  decreases, the channel height increases. 
  • Load capacity: Cable protectors are built to withstand thousands of pounds that pass over and endure the constant impact. However, if its area is covered by hauling trucks, then heavy-duty cable protectors are required. 
  • Connector type: Several protectors connect together to create the desired length of protection. The types include t-shaped, doggone, hourglass, gripper, and l-shaped. 
  • The material used: For heavy-duty applications, polyurethane is used and for light-duty applications, rubber protectors are used. 
  • Colors picked: The cable protectors are color-coded for an area depending on the traffic sustained. High visibility colors like yellow, orange, black, and blue are preferred. 


Pick the right cable protectors after considering all the circumstances. 

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