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In today’s world, almost everything is done online. So if you are dating in today’s world, chances are that you are doing it online. That means the easiest avenue for doing it is no longer your local pub or bar, it’s the internet. There are a lot of applications that help you seek a partner for causal relationships. 

Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble were the most popular apps when this whole online dating system started, but now they are a hit-or-miss because of the massive scams full of bots. Chat room apps and online dating apps have also been following the same general trend nowadays. So if you are looking for something new and unique, then go through this article about some unknown yet best hookup apps.

If you are above 18 and are looking for a date or casual hookups, there a lot of genuine applications which offer you that. Here I will be going to tell you about some of the best hookup apps and best chat room apps for online dating of all time through which you can also find a partner and have some fun.


This app is completely free for both iOS and Android, available on Play Store and AppleStore.It is a new app in this industry which allows you to meet some amazing people. It keeps your information hidden until you are matched after a match a new private chat window opens where you can chat and flirt with your partner.It is completely free of advertising. It is one of the best apps out there for women to find their dream guy.  This app gives you full control and prevents unwanted people to visit your profile.


This app is free for both iOS and Android. This app lets you interact with the most desirable people around you! It has a special feature called the ice-breaking feature which makes it different from the others. Through this ice-breaking feature, you can use ten playful questions to know the person better and then have a perfect match for yourself. It is known to be one of the best hookup apps right now in the market.

So these were some of the best hookup apps that everyone looking for a partner must give a try. There are more dating apps that are not mentioned here you can also try them and tell me in comments how are they.

Happn :

This is free for both iOS and Android, available on play store. This app helps you find a partner by matching you with the random strangers whom you have crossed your paths with. Its interface is really simple and easy to use. This is a great app to meet new people and make friends wherever you go. You can find your partner on the go just by liking the one you want to have as your partner if that person also likes you then you two can chat with each other dating app. This is also considered one of the best online dating apps as most of its features are completely free of cost.


This is free for both iOS and Android but offers an optional premium subscription that unlocks exclusive features. It has a lot of features and works in a very different way. It is great for making some like-minded friends. This app highlights your personality and interests to match you with the right person based on your passions and interests. It is considered as one of the best stranger chat room apps.


This app is free for both iOS and Android, available on play store and Apple store. It claims to be the world’s largest dating app with having the maximum no. of users on it. Its interface is simple and due to which it is easy to use this application. It has the best safety verification process as compared to others. It offers a lot of other ways of meeting new people instead of just swiping left and right.


This app is free for both iOS and Android, available on play store. This is an international dating app and helps you meet and make new friends from all over the world. It helps you meet like-minded people, who just feels right for you. This app has a feature that filters the creeps and fakes out. It only allows verified profiles to get matched. It has an amazing and responsive user interface. It also has a paid premium version which provides more amazing features and helps you match better and faster. This is known to be one of the best hookup apps out in the market.


There are many other apps like Miss Travel for traveling along with online dating. HER for bisexual and lesbian interests. All these kinds of interesting lesser-known apps are mentioned in the link above about chat room apps. Read more stuff related to best online dating apps to build long term relations at the Dailyjunkies

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