Get the Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

WooCommerce Inventory management isn’t a straightforward task it takes a great deal that may provide several issues to business house owners. There is an enormous issue after you have multiple sales and procural channels.

Therefore, we’ve got mentioned here a number of the most effective inventory management tools that may assist you to contour your inventory

That all sums up as however, one will manage to induce the correct inventory and stock at the correct time, place, price and amount wherever the inventory management includes dominant, storage of inventory, overseeing the ordering inventory and dominate the number of products purchasable are given below:-

  • Atum Inventory Management
  • Orderhive Inventory Management
  • Veeqo
  • Stitch
  • DEAR Inventory

1. Atum Inventory Management

Atum is the most effective free inventory management tool for WooCommerce. Further, it provides you full management on the WooCommerce stock. It’s a complicated stock management tool for WooCommerce. With the assistance of this plugin, the users will keep track of each item that they need available.

Also, users will produce purchase orders, setup locations, and suppliers. This free tool helps you to manage all of your products from one screen. Meanwhile, to say, ATUM inventory management plugin can watch out of all of your business wants.


  • Free.
  • One page change.
  • Quickly edit the merchandise details.
  • It records any inventory movements.


It takes the add-on valuation with little business in mind.

2. Orderhive Inventory Management

Orderhive inventory system is a gives you finish to finish solutions to multichannel sellers while not having a juggle between totally different systems. It merely permits sellers to manage multiple channels from one integrated backend system.

Continuously, this is often SAS based package which provides the foremost economical filters and correct knowledge info on adding knowledge. However, Orderhive is one in every of those inventory management tools that enable you to try to all of your inventory activities by scanning barcodes. So, you’ll install this plugin for a powerful and happy business.


  • Barcode system.
  • Multichannel mapping.
  • Multichannel mapping.
  • Real-time inventory trailing.
  • Developed by a number one complete.


  • It has a free fifteen days trial.
  • Starter package – $99.99/month.
  • Professional – 199.99/month.
  • Growth – $299.99/month.

3. Veeqo

Veeqo includes everything that a merchant wants for in his business. Further, Veeqo permits the business to become a lot of economical with the power to manage everything from one platform. It’s a simple inventory management tool that keeps inventory absolutely synced across multiple warehouses.

Veeqo creates the merchandise kitt/bundles and keeps inventory balanced.

With the assistance of Veeqo, you’ll push your product up to Amazon and eBay at the clicking of a button, and enhance sales instantly. If you wish to manage your stock at a better level than Veeqo is best for it.


  • Bulk edit.
  • POS integration.
  • Invoice customization.
  • Complete control.
  • It provides inventory history.


  • Accelerator – 460 Euro/month.
  • High Growth – 580 Euro/month.
  • Premium – 880 Euro/month.

4. Stitch Labs

Stitch is a WooCommerce support plugin obtainable by Sewlabs (Stitch Labs is Associate in Nursing integrated, cloud-based inventory and order management resolution that caters to mid-sized multi-channel retail brands) that is another sensible e-commerce inventory management tool to contemplate that sync the inventory, order, and knowledge across multiple sales channels, suppliers and fulfillment locations.

It permits the merchandise to integrate with different eCommerce platforms like Amazon Associate in Nursing eBay in order that whenever a client places an order on Amazon or eBay or say your Woocommerce web site, all the orders get mechanically set to Stichlabs and keeps the orders in one location.


  • Rich in practicality.
  • The 24*7 support team out there to resolve your queries.
  • Great inventory system for tiny business with giant inventories.
  • Consistent in adding practicality.


  • Basic – $799/month.
  • High – $959/month.

5. DEAR Inventory

If you would like to trace the finished merchandise in addition because the list of raw materials, the DEAR inventory could be a sensible choice. It can enable you to manage sales, inventory, and shipping on multi-channels.

DEAR is right for producing corporations with its producing module, which helps you track the price of raw materials and labor within the production of finished merchandise. Even if different inventory management systems like Stich, TradeGecko, and Orderhive, expensive could be a sturdy inventory management product.

It permits businesses to make a thought, and track every section of the buying process to answer. It reminds the user to record the stock in time to avoid the stock out state of affairs. Since this package records the suppliers buying history together with product value and informs the user when sure analysis to once to shop for succeeding batch of product.


  • Unlimited retailers and registers.
  • User management permissions.
  • Multiple payment strategies
  • Sale offline and set orders once online.
  • Refund and come


  • Provides fourteen days of a free trial.
  • Monthly – $199.
  • Annually – $2189 (free for one month).

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