How a Mixer Grinder is Different from a Blender?


The mixer grinder and blender are some of the most valuable kitchen appliances. Every mom needs both devices in their kitchen. Both devices are used as support in the kitchen, to grind, crush, beat, and mix ingredients. Although many times a mixer grinder can act as a blender, it is not always recommended, especially when it is planned to bake. This due to the air that the blender incorporates when incorporating a mixture may not be enough or the movement may be too much for the specific requirements of a recipe. 

Many families have doubts about buying a blender and a mixer grinder for the kitchen. The best way to check their differences, and that you can decide on the best model is to confront their technical characteristics. Discover what these characteristics are. The first difference between the mixer grinder and the blender is the design. Mixer grinders usually have interchangeable blades, each suitable for a different job. However, blenders have a fixed set of blades and may not be as efficient as a mixer grinder.

The Designs say it all

A blender is designed for mixing liquids, preparing purees, or chopping small solids. On the other hand, a mixer grinder can do the job of a blender while processing larger and much harder solids. This is also reflected in the design, as mixer grinders are often large but shorter than blenders to accommodate large pieces of vegetables. Mixer grinders also have a small opening on the top for more items. The blenders have a solid cover and you must stop the blenders to add more or risk losing its contents.

The difference in the Motors

As mixer grinders are designed to process larger solid objects, they are also equipped with motors capable of producing more force. This gives mixer grinders the ability to slice hard food with relative ease. Blenders usually have weak motors which would get stuck if the object was too hard. It is also necessary to have a small amount of liquid in the mixer to create the swirl effect which gradually pulls everything in it toward the blades.

The choice between a blender and a mixer grinder for kitchen should depend on how you cook or if you need it to prepare fruit purees in the morning. A blender is cheaper and should do the latter rather well. A mixer grinder can be seen as doing everything, but you should also consider it expensive and cumbersome. We can find very good and varied designs at affordable prices. It also has more parts like the interchangeable blades and it’s pretty easy to lose them if you don’t use them regularly.

Highlighting Some Major Differences

  • Mixer grinder uses interchangeable blades while blender uses a fixed blade
  • A mixer grinder is better with harder products than a blender
  • A mixer grinder is shorter and wider than a blender
  • Mixer grinders have more powerful motors than blenders∙       
  • A blender needs a little liquid while a mixer the grinder doesn’t need it.

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