How Successful is Kidney Transplant From a Kidney Transplant Surgeon in India

Every year almost one to two lakh kidneys are demanded for kidney transplantation in India alone! Kidney transplantation has become one of the most done surgeries in the country. It is required because kidneys are unable to perform the essential functions like filtration, and the toxic chemicals remain inside the human body, gradually decreasing the overall health of the patient. 

But, since India is rich with excellent medical services and doctors to take care of the patients, the chances of recovery increase. But, a successful kidney transplant depends not only on the top kidney transplant surgeons in India but also on the patient’s medical history, organ tissues, and the technology.

Let’s explore these factors one by one:

Patient’s Medical History

Although kidney transplant is performed in the worst of the cases, sometimes, the patient is too weak and critical to surviving through the surgery. It is evident in the health of elderly citizens, whose immunity is quite low. 


The education sector in India has witnessed a boom in recent years, especially in the fields of IT and medical sciences. Doctors are now being trained extensively in the country and now they have the skills to compete with global standards. The courses are thorough, supported with specialised practical training in the given fields. 

The top kidney transplant surgeons in India are some of the best and have developed reputaions as many international patients now travel to the country for treatment. The surgeons can perform basic to invasive and complex surgeries.

Tissue Match

The condition and tissue of the donated kidney are one of the most critical factors which affect the success rate of any kidney transplantation. Even if the recipient’s and the donor’s tissue matches, there is no guarantee that the organ will get accepted – after the surgery doctors and patients wait with abated breath to know the success. 

The chances of success also depend on the factor whether the donated organ was from a deceased donor or a live donor. Patients receiving grafts from living donors usually experience more chances of success than the others.

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Sufficient equipment and technology also result in increasing the success rate of kidney transplantations. Since India is the hub for IT and technological development, surgeons here have access to state-of-the-art equipment to provide patients with the highest level of care. Additionally, hospitals of repute make it a point to remain updated with the latest in the field to ensure that their patients are not lacking in anything. 

According to the NCBI, most of the kidney transplantation in India nearly 90% is done with the help of live donor. It is stated that this could be the reason for the high success rate of transplantation in India. Most of the non-successful surgeries are attributed to the body’s natural tendency to reject a foreign organ. In severe cases, it may also be because of the complications involved in a person’s medical history. But in the end. both national and international patients consult with the top kidney transplant surgeons in India. 

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