How The Doctors in India Evaluate the Patients for Lung Transplant?

Lung Damage Treatment in India is famous across the globe. It is because the patients undergoing surgery in the country receive satisfactory results.

Apart from that, the reasons that make India a primary centre for a lung transplant include:

  • No complications
  • Quick recovery
  • Low waiting time
  • High success rate
  • Low treatment price
  • Presence of top hospitals
  • Availability of numerous experienced surgeons
  • Effective medical tourism companies providing 24 x 7 support, and more.

Now, you must be aware, for any treatment diagnosis play an essential role. Until and unless you reach the root cause of the disease, you cannot provide the solution for the healing. 

So, the doctors here, make sure that they proceed with the diagnosis and tests with utmost precision. 

Tests and Diagnosis Process for a Lung Transplant:

The effective diagnosis process of lung transplant includes four essential steps. Let us check them all.

  • Screening: 

Before starting with the treatment or directly calling the patient to India, doctors begin with screening. The patients have to send the existing reports by a physician that reflects the need for lung replacement. 

  • Consultation:

After screening, if the surgeons feel that the patient requires lung transplantation, then they call the patient for consultation. Here the team of medical professionals meet the patient to determine if he or she is fit to undergo an organ transplant. Ones the doctor find the patient physically fit for the treatment, they proceed with the medical tests. 

  • Evaluation:

Series of medical tests are performed on the patient to make sure that the sufferer is bearing end-stage lung disease. These imaging and evaluation tests are essential to check that there is no other possible solution for the lung damage other than lung replacement. The evaluation process is for ensuring the patient as well as the confirmation of the surgeon that the patient will certainly have the benefits after the transplant. 

  • MDT Discussion:

Determining the treatment after the tests, the surgeon sits with multiple specialised and sub-specialised pulmonologists. The group of a multidisciplinary team then analyse the entire case and finalise the lung transplant surgery. 

Without effective prognosis, the surgeons in India do not start with the medical procedure. In short, it is mandatory for all individuals to undergo tests. 

It may be a little time consuming, but after the practical evaluation, the chances of risks and complications after the surgery considerably reduces. 

For, the efficient medical services, the Price of Lung Transplant in India highly reduces. So, you have all the benefits of the surgery here, and you do not have to worry about the results of the treatment. 

Final Words:

The survey results of lung transplantation in the past decade indicates none of the surgery here in India for lung replacement is a failure. However, the dedication of the surgeons and doctors are reflected by the treatment results. 

For a better life scope the patient must follow the suggestions of the doctor and instructions of the medical team.

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