Unlike the other advanced high-profiled exams, SAT is a pen-paper based exam which is used by the colleges to assess the intelligence of the students through a set of questions. The exam has two components, mathematics and evidence-based reading and writing tests. The highest that one could score in the SAT examination is 1600 marks.

SAT score is accepted by most of the colleges throughout the country as well as the colleges abroad. For scoring really well in SAT examination, you could simply follow the tips mentioned above: 

  • Make a choice about the essay part

SAT has an additional component which includes writing an essay. However, it is not compulsory and the students who wish to take this component get extra time for the same. If you want to write the essay as well, it will have an affect on your SAT preparations. So, it is very important that you make this decision right on time and proceed with your preparation as per what you have decided.

  • Read and write

It is very important that you are in the habit of continuous reading and writing. Start with reading newspapers and making notes on a daily basis. After that, you could get onto reading the material and writing on the topics made specifically for the exam and provided by the SAT coaching in Noida and other parts of the country. 

  • Build your vocabulary

Try to get as many words as possible into your mind. Using words with their antonyms and synonyms is very important for effective writing. Having a good command over the words will also help you in understanding the text that you read, as you would not need a dictionary every time a technical word comes up if you know the meaning by yourself.

  • Solve mathematical problems

Mathematics is one of the important components in determining your SAT scores. You need to have a good knowledge of the concepts and thorough practice of the problems to crack the exam with good marks. Therefore, solve as many mathematical problems as you could. Use the problems that are provided in the material you received from your SAT coaching in Noida, go to the internet and search recent sample problems and solve the past years’ problems as well. Try to get a good pace in solving the problems and work on your accuracy. 

  • Be consistent throughout

The trick to cracking any exam is consistent hard work in the right direction. Work daily, read, write and solve problems daily. Do not skip the practice routine even if you are tired or not in a mood. If you are consistent, and practice on a regular basis you could rest assured of getting admission in one of the top-rated colleges in the world.

These tips will help you in acing the SAT exam. You could also take help from the expert faculties that are working in SAT Coaching in Noida for further details about the exam. You could also get a customized study plan and reading material for practice. Just get on to it and start working from today itself. 

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