How to Develop Your First SEO Strategy?

SEO Strategy

SEO strategy is essentially the method of planning, devising and executing a plan to boost the rankings of a website in search engine results. 

In other words, the procedure that any SEO company in India or from anywhere across the world follows when they want to gain more organic traffic is called an SEO strategy. That being said, we have enlisted the key steps for creating your first SEO strategy.

Find the Target Audience

To begin search marketing, it is imperative to start with finding your target market. This target audience is nothing but a specific bunch of people who form the market for your product or service. Conventionally, you need to consider several factors to determine the target audience, including their age, gender, physical location, and particularly their demands or pain points. 

The specific prerequisites for your SEO plan are these “pain points”. What is the target audience’s requirement? What are the necessities that are not fulfilled? Knowing these answers will allow you to formulate a better content strategy as well as prioritize the subjects to be brought to the fore.

From Keywords to Content

Prior to developing content, it is important to know what the target audience is looking for. Knowing the search intent of your target audience is a vital aspect of SEO and allows you to point out the phrases that can potentially draw consumers. 

To understand this search intent, you have to research the buyer persona. It can enable you to zero down on the triggers and impetuses of your consumers, their purchase boundaries, decision standards, and probable factors for success. 

Once the reason is understood for the motivation behind buying any product or service, it is possible to create content keeping in mind this requirement. 

Similarly, once their probable limitations are known, it is possible to create content for alleviating these concerns and convince the audience to purchase the product you offer.

Analyze Google’s First Page

After finding the required keywords, the next step is to understand the trends that are already helping these selected keywords. To execute this process, simply type one of the keywords selected for your post in the Google search bar.

Next, you need to take a look at the first 10 results and note down any noticeable pattern. When creating a post, ensure that you follow these patterns to rank higher.

Evaluate Competitors

Once a common assessment of the content posted on your blog is done, another good method to understand your current position SEO-wise is by finding out your measure with respect to your adversaries. However, it is important to know why keeping a track of competitors is important. 

Well, first of all, it’s almost the same as getting a free SEO understanding. The competitors in your industry, particularly the big brands, most likely spend several thousands of bucks to get to the high rankings. It is then clearly understood what functions and what doesn’t without spending a lot of money.

Focus on Voice Search

According to Google, 20% of mobile queries are carried out using voice searches. Clearly, this is a thriving trend not only in SEO India but across the globe, and it’s going to grow even more shortly. 

People find themselves using more and more voice search every day. It’s simply a lot more logical and productive than typed-in search. Also, it encompasses the safety concerns when a person is driving. 

It is important to remember that voice search is certainly something one must incorporate into their SEO plan for 2020. To execute this, you might have to reconsider your approach towards keywords. For example, let’s say a person is looking for a pet shop in Delhi on their laptop. They will probably type, “pet shop in Delhi.” 

However, if the same process is carried out through the voice search feature on their mobile, they are more likely to say a sentence like “Where is a pet shop in Delhi?” The point to be noted is that concentrating on longtail phrases that involve questions is the ideal strategy or to follow the footsteps of a local seo agency in Delhi which can allow you to rank in the local queries as well.

If you consider all these points, you will most certainly come up with an SEO strategy that can give your excellent results shortly down the lane. 

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