How to Earn Money without Actually Working for It?

Earn Money

For every person in the world, there is one priority that surpasses everything else and is the biggest community amongst us. Can you guess what it could be?

I am sure you can. The answer is money.

People, everywhere in the world, are continually rushing to make money. If they have made it, they will continue to make more and more and more until their last breath.

In this continuous race to earn money, people forget that there are other essential things in life as well, being family, love and friendship.

So, here are some ways through which people have earned bucket loads of money and still given time to prioritise the more meaningful aspects of life.

They are earning money, yet they are not working as laboriously as we, the common folks, tend to work.

Rent out Your Place

One of the best ways of earning without working is to make use of your property. Any space that you own be it a farm, an office or a residential area, it can be rented out to provide you with a paycheck every month for the rest of your life.

There are thousands of people who have made fortunes like that.

Trust me, my aunt owns a store space on Oxford Street, and the rent she receives on it very month puts my salary to shame, and I work 10 hours a day, and she works zero hours.

There are three ways of renting a property, let us have a look at them.

  • Airbnb

There are often in our life when we are not using our place.

For instance, last year I had to go on a business trip with my boss, and I was away for close to two months. My flat was empty.

If I had put it on Airbnb, I would have earned a fat cheque of income through 8 weeks of renting.

  • Subletting

For many of us, the space we have in our home is too much for just us, so sub-letting becomes an excellent option for that extra cash without actually working.

You can even sublet, despite being a tenant, given your landlord knows about it. Then it would be completely doable and even legal in the UK.

  • Renting Entirely

If you have an asset that can be rented, use it to add to your income.

I have seen people who have had big homes, and they have rented them out entirely and lived on a rented flat themselves. Why? Because the rental income was more than double the rental expense, they were bearing.

Become an Influencer

I know some of you are not going to appreciate this one, especially the people who are present-day influencer dominating the social media.

But I have a logical explanation as to why I have included this one in a non-working category.

  • The Average Worker’s Life

For that, we have to look at the average working class, in which I am a proud member.

We get up early in the morning and rush to work at a standard time every day.

We spend close to 10 hours at work, making reports, presenting pitches, delivering ideas and enduring the meetings.

We come back home drained, yet some of us still prepare more reports, pitches and presentations for the next day.

And the next day is the repeat of it all and the day after that is the same, this goes on until the weekend, wherein we can recuperate for the office rush.

  • The Average Influencer’s Life

Now, let us look at the life of an Instagram influencer and see how much it contrasts with the average worker’s life. Then you can decide whether it can be accounted for as work?

They wake up, tousle their hair, and crumple the bedsheets some more, click a candid picture and post it on their handle and their work has started.

They can cook anything, breakfast, lunch and dinner, film the way they do it, and the work is done.

They go on lavish trips and post pictures of everything. From the flight tickets to the return journey; from the hotels to the tourist attractions that they visit; from the room service to the gourmet restaurants they dine at; everything is posted on their account for the world to see.

Do you think this is work? Or do you think it is a lifelong holiday com relaxation cum work?

These influencers get paid for every picture that they post. They even get an additional income when they promote a brand or a restaurant.

Let me say that I do not mean to belittle any influencer. I personally believe that they are the cleverest people in the world merely because they are earning through living their life like it is a celebration. Kudos to them!

Invest and Invest Some More

Next way of earning that fat income cheque is through utilising the money you already have in your bank account.

For that to happen, you need to look into the investment world.

  • You can put your money in shares and start expecting a dividend income coming your way, either quarterly or biannually.

  • You can open a Fixed Deposit Account and start earning interest from the day you create it to the day it matures.

  • You can start a high-yielding savings account as well. This account would provide you with an interest income that would almost equal to that of an FD account. Besides, you will have access to the money in your account at every point of time; an FD does not have that.

  • You can also invest in a promising start-up and become a sleeping partner. What this means is you will not have to actively participate in the decisions and board room meetings of the company, but you will get an as equal share for your investment as much as the active partner.

  • Lastly, on the safer side of investments, you can also try a hand at bonds. Corporate and Government Bonds are supposedly the most lucrative amongst all categories, with a high degree of security as well.

In all of these, you have to possess an amount to invest; you can even do so through acquiring a loan from Huge Loan Lender. It may seem bizarre, but the return from your investment is going to be much higher than your loan repayments, so technically you will be earning.

Once you have the amount, all you have to do is invest and keep track of it. Apart from that, your work is minimal. You can chill all day or go on a world tour and still get that rewards without any delays.

There are people amongst us, who have opted to take early retirement and invested most of their income in a pretty diverse portfolio. Now, all they have to do is keep track of that portfolio and enjoy the fruits of their smart work for the rest of their life.

Would you want to be one of them?

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