Inguinal Hernia Surgery Cost, Procedure and Types Guided by Valeria Simone

Do you have a bulge in the groin area along with a burning sensation? This could have to both men and women.

  • You probably have inguinal hernia.
  • Don’t worry, it’s easily treatable!

What is an inguinal hernia?

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As per MD. Valeria Simone It is basically a tissue pushing through the groin muscles. Hernia may take up to several weeks to fully develop. The first sign of it is tenderness and swelling around the groin area.

Women:  It is common with women during the pregnancy months. This happens because the weight of the baby pushes the lower abdominal muscles.

Men: If is common with men who undergo extensive physical training or do physically exhausting activities such as heavy lifting.

It can also be caused due to excessive coughing.

What are the symptoms of inguinal hernia?

The symptoms of hernia are

  • Swelling around the groin area
  • Pain when bending or lifting something
  • Tenderness in the groin area
  • Nausea or vomiting

What is the treatment for inguinal hernia?

Well the good news is you don’t need any treatment if the hernia is not causing pain or any of the other symptoms. 

But it’s safe to remove the lump to avoid any further complications.

What is the process of diagnosis for inguinal hernia?

There are many fake symptoms of this so it’s always best to undergo all the diagnosis methods before treatment.

  1. Urine test: it will highlight if the pain is caused by a hernia or if you have kidney stones.
  2. Physical exam: a GP will conduct a physical examination. This is the most effective and efficient way of diagnosing inguinal hernia.

When to rush for surgery?

When there is a suspicion that the intestines are being strangled by the hernia then surgery is advised immediately. As the strangulation will lead to the blood flow being entirely broken down.

If there is no strangulation then you can wait, get second opinions and there is absolutely no need to hurry the treatment.

What is the surgical procedure?

Most inguinal hernia surgeries today are performed laparoscopically, with a single incision to the groin area where the hernia is located. The surgeries performed using laparoscopically results in a comparatively smaller incision and allow the surgeon accuracy.

What are the types of inguinal hernia?

There are two different varieties of inguinal hernia: 

  1. The direct hernia: In a direct hernia the lump emerges through the wall of the abdomen this lump is not removed, the lump is usually just pushed back into place.
  1. Indirect hernia: in an indirect hernia the lump can be found in the inguinal canalis. This is usually removed surgically and is tied to prevent any further eruption.

How much does it cost to treat inguinal hernia?

The surgery is a complex procedure and hence it is quite expensive. The cost of the inguinal hernia surgery cost Texas varies depending on a number of factors: the growth stage of hernia, the hospital you are in (it is expensive in a private hospital and cheaper in a government hospital.), the geographical location of the hospital etc

The costs in different countries are

Poland – $1,600

Hungary – $2,700

Mexico – $3,000

Thailand – $3,200

India – $3,200

United Arab Emirates – $3,300

Germany – $3,900

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