Is the Day to Complete Literacy in India Near?

Just after India got its independence, the literacy rate was 16 percent. Education was a luxury not many could afford at that time.

During that time, with very little number of educated people around, it was difficult to set up movements, revolutions and to drive the citizens in the right direction. The mainstream public had no sense of understanding of the complexities of the British Empire. The burden was mainly on the educated, elite, and/ or the politicians.

The British helped to set up more and more English-medium schools and tried to spread the importance of education all over India. With nearly 3.25% literacy rate in 1871 to 16% in 1941, the British increased the literacy rate by quite a bit. However, they were also wary that the more educated the people got, the more likely that they would turn on the British Empire. Eventually, that is what happened.  

Among the other countries, India is listed ranked at 150 in terms of literacy rate. Today, we have a 74% literacy rate; Kerela being the most literate state and Bihar the least.


India, having all important resources within itself, enough manpower, and what not, still fails to grow like the way it should. It is all education and only education which is pulling us away from success. The gigantic youth that India has, holds the potential to change the way we look at the world. It’s just lack of education that is holding them back.    

Education is the key to opening all doors. It helps a person to stay put and focused. It is the wealth of knowledge a person acquires reading or experiencing something that gives life a lesson. We complain about the education system but it is the education system that is making you read and understand this article today. It is the education system that is making you realise that this is an article.

Education has always been a topic of debate for us. From ICSE to CBSE, Delhi University to Mumbai University, or maybe India or Abroad. Education is a never-ending part of our lives now.

A lot is being done by the government to spread awareness about education. They’re trying to send more and more children to schools. New sets of campuses are coming up, digitalisation, scholarships, etc. In this process, a lot of money is being spent on education. With the coming up of the Internet, internet schools and other such websites like GetMyUni have come up where students can refer for extra knowledge or get guidance for the next level of their education. The Internet is a boon for the world today.


In the past decade, India saw a series of changes when it comes to education. Classrooms with smart boards, projectors, animations to explain topics, etc. have become quite common. Such teaching techniques have proved to enhance the learning/ teaching experience in schools. It has made teaching easier and better for the teachers. Newer ways to teach keeps the students to be engaged and interested in boring topics.

The coming up of so many NGOs and startups show how the need for education is today. With the BJP government in place, India has seen major changes when it comes to education. Mr Narendra Modi, the prime minister, has taken this issue very seriously and has promised to show results by the end of his term.

From time immemorial, educated men have been given considerate respect. Education is the backbone to success later in life. It gives structure, teaches discipline, and lets one be themselves even after one’s lost control. Education paves the way for intellectual and critical thinking. Nobody regrets being educated.

Knowledge is infinite, we just have to know how and where to use it. There’s no limit to how much one can learn. The brain is like a hard drive but with a catch to it, there’s no limit of how much information one can save in it. This is when humans win over computers. After all, humans have made computers.

From 74% in 2011, the literacy rate is predicted to reach 95%+ by the end of 2021. It’ll be a big step for India as it’ll enter the global GDP race. In due time, India will be considered a developed country. It’s a long way to go but we have to start today.We, standing as one, are responsible for tomorrow. The future problems like shortage of water and crude oil, the mission to Mars, etc. have to be planned well. It is the intelligence of us that allows us to think in a planned manner. It all became possible because of education. Without education, the world would’ve been different, so different that we cannot even imagine. As Benjamin Franklinhas said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

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