Is There Any Free Accounting Software Available for CAs in India?

Chartered accountants in India are among the earliest professionals to open their own businesses, mostly CA firms. While setting up your own firm, you need ample funds and resources. 

Your company must meet the basic technology requirements to operate in today’s scenario. For instance, the best GST software in the market will help you provide fast and accurate services to your clients.

However, as professional loans are limited at the start of any business, here are some dependable but free accounting software available for CAs.

1. Busy accounting software

Chartered accountants need to be proficient with multi-tasking. With Busy Accounting, you can conduct all your calculations as well as other multi-faceted tasks work on the go as a CA. Loading all relevant data on a dongle, and simply plug in and continue your work on any computer. This software has been around for more than two decades now and almost all reputed CA firms use it in-house.

2. Expensify

Regardless of the motivations, Expensify is a website that has substantial utility for maintaining accounts. One of the qualities of an accountant is that he/she can monitor and analyse the expenses of an individual or an organisation. Expensify does just that and for no additional charge. Integrate bank accounts with the website and synchronize it with your phone to receive important updates. Furthermore, it can sort and categorize all your bills too.

3. Team Viewer

Team Viewer is another popular software you may be familiar with since your CA articleship days. It allows remote sharing of desktops amongst the members in your team. Therefore, when you need access to a file saved in one desktop, you can access it from your own computer, if both the systems are integrated into Teamviewer. Better in-house organisation is one of the secrets to making your CA firm stand out from the rest.

4. Evernote

Noting information down is an integral part of all chartered accountant practice opportunities. You must have all the data properly organised and ready for study to begin work on a particular account. With Evernote, taking notes is just a matter of opening the software on your phone, computer or tablet. Now, you can ensure you never overlook any information. Evernote also allows you to store data in the form of pictures, videos and scanned documents. Additionally, linking your data to an account means you can access the information from any device using your login and password.

Do you need to opt for paid CA software?

While free software can help boost the efficiency of your chartered accountant firm, for better results you should invest in some of the best GST software. The paid services are no match for the above-listed free software. If funds are your primary issue, you should consider external financial assistance for such modern setup integrations.

As a CA, you should opt for professional loans for CAs which are tailor-made to provide them the required finances. Reputed NBFCs offer a loan of up to Rs. 2 Crore to Chartered Accountants.

This amount can assist you to afford the best software and set up your dream business. Simply maintain your credit score to avail these loans. A CIBIL of over 750 is almost mandatory today to opt for an unsecured loan. Furthermore, keep your debt to income ratio under control. These simple steps can make your loan availing process simpler.

Proper implementation of software can help your CA firm thrive. Make sure you compare all available software in the market and choose the ones that have the maximum effect on your company’s efficiency. You can always look into the kind of software your competitors are using to conduct their business to get an idea about what you may need.

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