Major Variations of Chocolates in the Market

Most people love eating chocolates and there are the 2 most important things that keep varying when it comes to different varieties of chocolates. One is the making of the chocolate and the other is the amount of cacao present in it.

When one is sending chocolates for Pakistan, one has to be very sure to check the amount of cocoa used as an ingredient in the chocolate before buying it. Then one also needs to check the amount of sugar used in the chocolates. One can also have a look at the use of the cocoa butter because it depends on that the chocolate will have a smooth texture or not.

Chocolate experts always advice not to go for chocolates which have ingredients like vegetable oil, butter fats and artificial sweeteners along with milk substitutes (milk substitutes can be excused if it is a milk chocolate).

If these are not present in chocolate, then one can be sure that it is a good chocolate. Here are some variations of chocolates that one can try.

  • Unsweetened chocolates which are also known as the baking chocolates mostly contain 100 percent cacao and no sugar at all. They are mostly held together with cocoa butter. But many people find it too bitter to eat and hence it is mainly used in the baking process.
  • When it comes to cocoa powder there is again no sugar and cacao. Also no cocoa butter is used to hold them up. This cocoa powder is mainly used to bake things and one should never confuse it with hot chocolate mix. But yes, if one loves to have bitter beverages then they can mix cocoa powder in it.
  • Dark chocolate is the variation which is said to contain at least 50 to 70 percent of cacao. They do taste bitter because of the presence of abundance of cacao in it but the flavour is mostly loved by many. This is because it has the same amount of sugar and cacao ratio. Many people love eating dark chocolates and according to medical studies eating a substantial amount of good dark chocolate can be good for health as well. it keeps the heart strong and the brain functioning.
  • In case of bittersweet chocolates there is 70 percent of cacao and 30 percent of sugar. This is more likely to be eaten by people and one can also use them for baking processes.
  • There is another variation of chocolates called the semi sweet chocolates. They have mostly 60 percent of cacao and 40 percent sugar. This is said to be an all purpose chocolate variation. It can be eaten easily, used as a topping and can also be melted to make some pastry decorations.
  • Then there is milk chocolate which has almost no cocoa content in it. It is mainly made from solidified milk chunks and sugar. There can be some added flavours as well for that extra smoothness.

If one wants to send chocolates Pakistan, they can pick from any of these varieties.

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