Marriages And The Gifting Being A Part Of The Occasion

Marriages are not just social gatherings, there is so much more to it. It’s a fanatic celebration where people in love vouch to stay together forever. There is not just an exchange or rings but the exchange of hearts. Not just hitching or tying of knots but bringing close two families, two cultures and two pure souls. 

Marriages emphasize on truth, love, happiness and an equal share in all stages of life. But marriages are incomplete without gorgeous dresses, lavish parties and unending drinks and food. But this is all a primitive concept of marriage to many since newer concepts are born daily with ever-changing time. Some people like their circles small hence, they don’t want much fuss around their marriage.

The Old School Of Marriage

This school of thought takes the pomp too seriously. For them inviting relatives from all over the world is the most prior concern. In olden times telegram and posts would take much time to let your guests know that you have a marriage. 

But now Social media posts are enough to let the whole family know when and where is a function scheduled. In these marriages, money drains down starting from bachelors’ party to the day of the reception. Culinary heaven is presented on the plate, but the major area of attention is the marriage cake. Congratulations cakes are always in the limelight.

The New School Of Marriage

As the name suggests, the New school brings new ideas of fantasizing over the concept of marriage. These people feel that being snobbish in the field of marriage is a drain of huge financial potential. So they believe in saving their hard-earned money and utilizing them for possessions. Starting a new life with a partner is quite challenging both mentally as well as financially. So having a strong financial backup helps one during the downfall as well as never allows accumulative stress. 

The burden is never felt on shoulders and if both partners are working then it becomes even easier to accommodate the costs of a new member. Among all of this, the common thread between the two is still cakes. Both of the Schools are high of the opinion that whatever less or more is spent, Cakes need to be a part of the ceremony. Congratulations cake, for being the fiber that binds both of them.

A Novice School Of Thought

This school is still in its infancy, people who belong to this school tend to donate the money which was to be spent for the lavish wedding to Refugees, Cancer patients who cannot afford their treatment or to building schools and hospitals in remote areas. Even some donate to Orphanages or Old age homes to make their lives smooth, happy, successful as they had been, lucky and blessed.


Which so ever marriage school we believe in we must not always be selfish, but to realize the social obligation we have and try to fulfill that with whatever contribution we can make. 

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