Room Size Vs AC Capacity: Which One is Right to Choose

AC buying guide

Are you looking to bring home the best air conditioner this summer so that you can ward off sweltering heat during the sultry summer months? If yes, then there is no dearth of AC models that you can fit in your small to a large room and across leading brands. 

But what are the parameters that should be considered that may help you purchase the best AC? Among other factors, the room size and the tonnage or the capacity of the AC matter the most! Here is a quick AC buying guide to help you decide on your best AC in this short post! 

Here’s why your room size determines the capacity of your AC

When it comes to buying an AC, the two most vital factors are the tonnage or the cooling capacity of your AC and the room where you wish to install it. 

If you bring home an AC with lower than needed cooling capacity, which is computed in tonnage, it will end up consuming a lot of energy to cool the space. Buying an AC with lower cooling capacity may help you save on the initial investment, but it will also strain your device leading to higher consumption of power. What’s more, since the AC will need to work hard to maintain the cooling, it will also shorten its lifespan. 

On the other hand, if you buy an AC with more than the required cooling capacity, you will need to shell out on the capital investment other than paying escalated power bills. 

Hence, what matters is getting the right tonnage capacity in your AC to avoid paying extra on electricity bills as well as not spending too much on your investment. This way, you will arrive at the right AC capacity to enjoy a comfortable summer ahead. 

The thumb rule says that if you want to cool your small room, then buying an AC with 1 ton cooling capacity will work in your favour. On the other hand, if you want to get an AC for a medium to large space, then a 1.5 ton capacity AC will be useful. Doing it will help you enjoy consistent cooling without having to strain your device and pay bigger light bills. 

What are other elements to consider while buying an AC?

  • Energy efficiency of your AC

ACs may consume more power units if you use it for longer hours – it is quite natural during summer months in India. Hence, you should ensure to bring home a device that lets you save on energy. Thus, getting home a 5 Star BEE Rated AC will be a wise decision as it will make you save up to 25%. If you want to use an AC for longer hours in your shop, clinics and other premises, then it would be good to go for an inverter AC. What is an inverter AC? The condenser of an inverter AC does not go on and off when there is a temperature fluctuation, unlike a traditional split AC. Hence, it provides you with steady cooling without coughing up higher power units. Thus, if you can, then an inverter AC is what you may go for long-term use. 

  • Shopping around 

With so many AC models in a price bucket across brands in India, you may be confused about which one is best for you. Therefore, you should go ahead and compare all models under your budget so that you can pick the best ones matching your preferences the best!

By considering the discussed factors, you can bring home an air conditioner that will not only help you deal with increasing summer temperature but even save on power bills. 

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