Say No to Mobile Phones to Your Children Avoid Mobile Phone Radiation

In case you are the one who gives your mobile phone to your children and keep him or her busy, consider stopping this bad habit.  Why? Well, mobile phones often emit harmful radiation which when exposed to your children could cause loads of problems to his/her health.

Many studies have suggested that mobile phone radiations although (in some low level) can prove to be highly dangerous for humans in many different ways. Children are usually the terribly affected populace segment since they effortlessly become the victim of the bane of the modern world, mobile phone addiction. This has thus caused cell phone radiation protection to become a necessity.

What Experts Have To Say?

Doctors, from time to time have advised advice that kids may only use smartphones only if there is an emergency. A child’s skin together with their skull and their bones are way less stronger and softer, and since the brain is yet on the verge of development. So, these little ones can soak up the radiation more simply than the adults do. The electromagnetic radiation waves go through more intensely into their yet developing brains, thereby causing severe injury.

To provide proper mobile radiation shield to your children, try to get the children out of these addictions.

What You as a Parent Should do?

To do that, how about doing these really easy things:

  • Counseling the child or telling them to differentiate between good from bad is your duty as a parent. Tell them what is bad about too much cellphone addiction. Discuss! Don’t shout. A little love can work miracles.
  • Get them outside. You could give them the baseball bat to play on than the mobile phone. Put them in a nearby sports club. 
  • Give them a book if you can. Books can work miracles at times. 
  • Sometimes, a parent has to be very strict at times. If your child is not listening you have to make sure they do not have too much luxury to do so. Also, be an example to your little one. Stop using too much of that device unless you really need it.
  • Setup passwords and track your child’s usage of the mobile phone which can assist you in justifying the time he or she uses on it.
  • Use mobile radiation protection to prevent the ill effects of cell phone radiation


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