Some Tips to Redeem Your Credit Card Reward Points Online

Credit Card Rewards

Reward points are awarded by credit card issuers to individuals to encourage them in using the credit cards frequently. These reward points can be redeemed as financial benefits in the form of cash backs, discounts, freebies, etc. by the cardholder.

Once your account has amassed a substantial amount of reward points, the same can be redeemed to earn further benefits. While most individuals look for how to use credit card reward points, they should first redeem the points within the specified date, failing which the rewards points might get lapsed.

How to redeem credit card reward points?

Reward points can be redeemed for several purposes. All you have to do is have prior knowledge on the rewards programme offered by your credit card issuer. Some of the potential ways to redeem reward points are discussed below –

  1. Avail discounts on flight tickets

Most credit card issuers have tie-ups with various airlines so that you can redeem your reward points as air miles or discounts on tickets and other related benefits as well. You are smarter with a credit card in your pocket especially if you are a frequent flier.

  1. Buy gift cards

One of the potential ways, when you look for how to use credit card reward points under the reward point redemption programme, is to redeem the points for a gift voucher of a specific amount provided against the purchase.

This gift card can be further used to avail discount on purchases at specified stores. Purchases may vary from groceries, lifestyles, beverages to apparels, food, books, etc.

  1. Gain a discount on hotel stays

Reward points can help you in earning discounts on hotel stays as well. Since credit card issuers have partner hotels, you can redeem your earned points to convert them into discounts, offers, cashbacks, etc. on related purchases and transactions.

  1. Pay your credit card bill

You may also opt to convert the reward points into an equivalent monetary value, and the same will be discounted when you pay the credit card bill as well.

Besides these, you may also donate your accumulated reward points to a charitable organisation of your choice. The points are converted into cash and donated to charity.

Therefore, to make the most of such benefits, it is crucial to know how to redeem your credit card points. As the financial institutions encourage customers to pay with credit cards, it is the onus of the user to use it rightly to derive the specific benefits.

Nevertheless, apart from regular credit cards, you can also opt for the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, which offers attractive reward points as well as multiple other financial benefits. 

How can you redeem your reward points?

Primarily, there are two modes using which you can redeem your reward points conveniently, that are –

  • Official mobile app

Open the official application of the concerned credit card issuer and log in to your account. Choose from the catalogue as to where you would like to redeem. Then, click on redeem now.

  • Official website

Visit the official website of the credit card issuer to check the redeemable points from the rewards option. Choose the option of your choice and click on redeem now to receive the same in your account.

Thus, knowing how to use credit card reward points will enable you to use it most effectively. Refer to leading card issuers to benefit from the most attractive reward points program and other additional offers as well. Maintain a high CIBIL score to avail the most beneficial credit card with ease. 

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