Staying Afloat – Managing SEO Agency During Crisis

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SEO agencies are one of the entities that have suffered a lot during this pandemic crisis. Many professionals who started their SEO agencies as early as the last week of February are now in dire straits. 

The realization that this is a once-in-a-lifetime seminal moment in slowly creeping in. Survival is now becoming the defining word for SEO agencies. No client these days is going nuts about hiring a good SEO agency. The interest of people has shifted to more fundamental things in life such as health and family safety. 

In such a situation, SEO agencies can hope for nothing more than survival. Even going through this crisis is a minimum viability mode that would be classified as success when looking at things in relative terms. Entrepreneurs who manage to survive now would be hailed as heroes years from now when the history of the pandemic is written. In this article, we discuss how SEO agencies can stay afloat during the crisis.

Evaluate Risk

The risk of every agency right now would be a subjective matter. For most companies, the biggest risk is money. Right now, there is little in the name of cash inflow while costs largely remain the same. 

Along with risk lies opportunity. While financial realities are a serious risk, this is also a time where reaching people through well-drafted marketing messages is a real possibility. SEO agencies can be using this time to network and build their base of leads. 

Set up Online Framework

If your SEO agency is one of the few which can manage to work within an online framework, you have already set yourself apart from 90% of the competition. Offer your clients real solutions and shift your operation online. Considering the resources now available to manage work online such as video conferencing and other work-related software, setting up an online framework shouldn’t be a very difficult task.

The key lies in taking the initiative. If you manage to keep your clients during this tough period, you are primed to survive now and thrive later when the crisis subsides. 

In Conclusion

Nobody could have foreseen where the world is right now four or six months back, especially not SEOs and SEO agencies. And yet, reality has struck like lightning and posed a significant challenge to SEOs. Many agencies which merely took baby steps are now facing a crisis a few weeks into business. In this article, we discussed how an SEO agency should be managed through a crisis such as the one the world is going through right now. 

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