Streamline Your Work: Our Guide to the Flow State of Mind

Do you find it hard to concentrate? Well, you’re not alone. Around three-quarters of people feel distracted at work these days, and (according to the same source) 16% feel distracted almost all the time.

Thankfully, there’s something that could make a difference: flow.

Being in a flow state of mind means you’re 100% immersed in whatever you’re doing. Absorbed in the task, everything else fades away; time flies and creativity drips from your fingertips.

Want to learn how to experience flow for yourself? Keep reading!

Remove Distractions

Cultivating a distraction-free environment is often the first key step to entering a state of flow. After all, you want to be focused, zeroed-in, and engrossed in a chosen task. Having anything around that could disrupt and disturb you is the last thing you need.

With that in mind, try clearing your space of anything inherently attention-grabbing. Turn off your phone, switch off the TV, and you’re sure to set the foundation for flow to follow.

Strike a Balance

The task itself makes a difference in terms of entering a flow state too. It can’t be too easy because you’ll soon get bored and lose interest. But nor should you try anything that’s such a challenge that it becomes stress-inducing.

Instead, you need a task that falls somewhere in the middle. Flow states come when you find the perfect balance between ease and difficulty.

Put Some Music On

Some people find it helpful to have some music on too. Whether it’s in the background or with headphones on, playing chilled out and/or repetitive tunes (such as meditational music, classical pieces, chants, or even techno) can put you in a relaxed state that’s conducive to flow.

Another advantage of headphones is that they block out external noises. This shuts out distractions and facilitates focus on the task at hand.

Be Clear

Clarity about the task is another key ingredient to finding flow. Whether you’re writing an essay, responding to emails, or using the best paystub maker to sort out peoples’ salaries, try to be as clear as possible about what you have to do before you get started.

Why? Because few distractions are as debilitating as uncertainty!

You spend your time wondering what to do, flicking between different options, and getting more flustered by the second. By contrast, having clarity allows you to get immersed in the activity. You don’t have to think; you just do.

Time to Enter a Flow State of Mind

Figuring out how to enter a flow state of mind is the ideal antidote for anybody who struggles to concentrate at work or in life. But it’s easier said than done- especially when you’re just getting started!

With any luck, though, the tips in this post will help in this regard. Keep them in mind and you’ll be one step closer to experiencing flow and enjoying the many benefits it delivers.

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