The Best Maggie I had on my Triund Trekking Trip


For our last college trip we decided to go on an adventure trip . Being a bunch of adventure travel enthusiasts, we are always looking for a reason to escape to the mountains. And what better way to end the college days than an adventure trip. We were around 18 something odd students who decided to go for the trip. 

After so many discussions we decided that we would go trekking to Triund for our trip. The reason being it has an easy trekking trail with heavenly views. Next we were looking for a pocket-friendly package ( we were on a college student budget). We came across a travel company called BanBanjara, who met our requirements and we moved ahead with them.

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The Trip 

We started the trip from Delhi. We took an overnight bus to reach Mcleodganj in the morning. The scenic landscapes of Mcleodganj welcomed us with open arms. The chill breeze and the sun rays were a refreshing site to witness. We explored the town of Mcleodganj on the first day of our trip. The next day we proceeded towards Dharamkot where we met with the team from BanBanjara. 

We embarked on the trekking expedition. The spellbinding views were a sight to behold. This was one of the most fun trekking expeditions I had taken in my life. We were trekking, talking and laughing throughout the journey. We were so engrossed in ourselves that we did not realise that we have reached our destination. 

We were way before time. After a brief rest at our camping site, we had lunch and explored the areas near our camps. With a lot of time in hand and particularly nothing to do we asked the trek lead if we could do some kind of activities or anything. He discussed it with his team and asked us to wait while they made the preparations. 

We waited near one of the camps and after about half an hour later, the trek lead called us to the small gathering place near our camps. And the site that awaited us was very unexpected. There were two large containers preached on firewoods with packets of maggie and water bottles around it.  

We were to be distributed in two teams and have a maggie making competition. We were a total of 21 people including 18 of us and 3 people from BanBanjara. We got into two teams of 10 people each with trek lead acting as the supervisor so that no one cheats during the competition. 

The competition started at the command of the trek lead and everyone got to work. It was such a task to light the firewood as wind was blowing and we had limited amount of matchsticks. But after a lot of struggle and many failed attempts we were finally successful. The fire was crackling and water was boiling. 

We were successful in the first stage of the task. What made this competition more interesting was that the trek lead was doing commentary during the entire duration. We decided to sneak into the other team’s progress but got caught. Finally we were ready with our maggie. Mind you it was a neck to neck competition between both the teams. It was decided that the trek lead will the judge for tasting as he was only one who had not participated in the competition. 

The two plates of maggie were severed and everyone was eagerly waiting with bated breath. With drumroll sounds he announced that both the teams were equally good and everybody’s a winner. We had the maggie we made and believe me it was the best maggie I had in my life. The chill evening breeze, laughter in the air, awesome maggie, we were all living the time of our lives. After dinner, we all sat down around the bonfire. We exchanged stories and sang to our hearts content under the night sky. 
The next day we set out for our return trek journey to Dharamkot. Reaching Dharamkot marked the end of our journey with the Bank Banjara team. We had enjoyed a lot with them and promised to stay in touch. Just like all good things come to an end, our trip to Triund also came to an end. I would absolutely love to go on a trip again with the same people.

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