The top characteristics to consider when choosing a hair transplant clinic

Are you struggling with hair loss and baldness? 

Is your bathroom always clogged with your precious hair strands after you take a rejuvenating shower? 

Or, do you feel more hair strands falling from your scalp when you comb them? 

Do you notice hair strands falling off your clothes all day long?

Well, you’re suffering from temporary or permanent hair loss. There are several hair loss remedies you can try, picking the top ones from the internet. However, the success rates of such procedures are not guaranteed. 

Put simply, the allopathic treatment for hair transplant can help you bring back those lustrous hair locks you lost due to medical trauma or other underlying issues. Hair transplants have been in the industry for more than 60 years, helping people solve issues with hair loss and baldness. No matter the reason, hair transplant is a recommended procedure for you. 

However, with the increasing number of medical professionals treating hair loss concerns, finding the right hair loss clinic in Toronto can be a daunting task. 

There are a couple of things you can consider when looking for a hair transplant doctor. These include:

Experience and reputation 

Go for a clinic that has been providing hair transplant services for a significant amount of time. The more the experience of a surgeon and its practicing years, the better. For instance, if a doctor has been performing hair transplantation services for more than 10 years, they possess the medical knowledge of the same and keep themselves updated with any new research in the field. 

Credential and specialty

There are two types of hair transplantation treatment depending on a patient’s condition and needs. However, look for a doctor who practices hair transplantation as their primary field. Also, they must have undergone the right training, showcase a sound understanding in dermatology, and help patients with problems related to hair loss or baldness. 

Procedures conducted by the doctor individually 

You can ask about the number of successful hair transplants conducted by a doctor. The more the number, the merrier. Browse around online directories for all such doctors and find a suitable match for yourself. It is not always advised to hire a hair transplant surgeon just because your friend recommended them until you’re satisfied with their experience and expertise. 

Before and after photos 

More prominently, patient reviews matter during hair treatment. Positive reviews entail a strong image of the surgeon and make you confident in your pick. But, make sure that these photos are genuine and original, and not downloaded from just any website. If you can, converse with a few of their patients to get a gist about the surgeon. 

Method used 

There are two hair collection methods and two accepted transplantation methods. So, you’ll have to confirm the one they’ll perform on you. Hair transplantation is a painful procedure, but at least it can end with rewarding results. Remember, there are no ache-free hair transplantation procedures in the world, and if the doctor is offering you one, they are not patient-oriented. 


The most successful hair transplantation procedures are the ones that are carefully planned with precision and accuracy. Search for highly qualified and specialized doctors in your area, and making the right decision for yourself. 

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