Top 5 Short Term Courses, Which Pay Well?

For young students who want to kick start their career in high paying jobs should start thinking about doing short term courses or should look to pursue higher studies for better career options. If you are not able to find the high paying jobs then you are looking at the wrong end. 

In order to start your professional career in high paying jobs, you need to develop your skill set in reputed industries which will help you to land in a high paying and reputed jobs. How to develop your skills? Academics alone won’t help you in landing high paying jobs. Doing suitable short term courses will help you to develop your skillset in your area of interest.  

Here are the lists of top 5 short term courses that will help you to land in high paying jobs:

  1. Digital Marketing:

The online medium has been evolved a lot and the trend continues to boom in upcoming years also. It has become one of the essential marketing tools these days and all the businesses are started making their online presence. Doing digital marketing course is one of the best and economical ways to acquire the right skills and land in high paying jobs. as mentioned earlier every business is making their online presence strongly and having adequate skills in digital marketing will help you to get hired from them. 

Eligibility and duration:

Having a common degree in any medium and along with basic computer knowledge is enough to do a digital marketing course. The duration may vary according to the student flexibility and mostly it will take 3-6 months to complete the course.

  1. Animation courses:

Animation field has become one of the promising career options these days. if you are interested in animation and wants to exhibit your creativity in the visual form then you can definitely do a short-term course in animation.  As demand for animation professionals increasing every day developing the right skills will help you to land in a high paying job in the field of animation. 

Eligibility and duration:

Short-term animation courses can be done along with the academics and will give you basic knowledge in 2D and 3D animation. The courses can be pursued within 3 months of time. 

  1. Networking course:

With the rise of electronic gadgets like mobile phones and computers increases the demand for network engineers who can manage the uninterrupted internet connectivity to their users. From giants to startups are focusing on networking doing short term course on networking will be the perfect way to kick start your professional career. 

Eligibility and duration:

Candidates with basic graduation on any stream can do this course and normally duration for completing this course ranges between 3 and 6 months. 

  1. Business analytics:

With the advancement of digital medium data handling and data security plays a key role in every company. Hence there is a huge vacancy available for the data engineers and doing business analytics course in a reputed institution will help you to grab those opportunities. 

Eligibility and duration:

Basic knowledge in mathematics and basic computer knowledge along with a basic degree is enough to pursue this course and duration will be a maximum of 6 months.

Before choosing a short term course you must understand your area of interest because it will help you to learn interestingly and got placed in reputed companies.

  1. Hadoop

With the massive growth of data, it has become impossible to stop the momentum of Hadoop. The organizations are widely using technology in order to manage the data. With the help of Hadoop, it becomes easy for the enterprises to store the data, process and further analyze it to get useful insights. Implementing Hadoop gives various advantages and this is the reason why the trend is increasing for technology. Becoming a Hadoop engineer can be pretty simple after taking Hadoop training. You will get to learn the concepts deeply and getting a job will also be not a tough task.

Eligibility and duration:

The Hadoop course takes a total of 90 days to get completed. The entire concepts are covered deeply in this three-month duration. You just need to complete graduation and take up the course after that.

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