Top 6 Fun Things to Do in Sacramento in 2020

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Planning a trip to Sacramento? I’d say this is a perfect place to spend your leisure time. When I visited Sacramento last time I had some unforgettable moments. This is one of America’s best tourist destinations for sightseeing, museums and many other fun activities. 

If you’re planning a visit, staying and enjoying the place nearby is better. There are many accommodations, from budget hotels to luxury hotels. To avoid unnecessary wasting time, you can book your stay in advance. I would recommend that you collect a few details about the location before visiting. In this article, I’ll share the funniest things to do in Sacramento.

Take a Tour to the State Railroad Museum of California

California State Railroad Museum is the world’s largest railway museum. This museum has an estimated floor area of 200,000 square feet. You’ll find the old 19th-century steam locomotives and wagons. This is one of the world’s top tourist attractions and is situated in Old Sacramento.

You are allowed to see nearly all of the wagons, and you can take a walk inside the well-maintained sleeper cars. Some of the sleeper cars have dining settings that show the level of comfort once offered back then. When you’re traveling with your children, take your children to the Kid’s corner to show them the Museum’s educational programs provided.

Enjoy the underground tour of Sacramento History Museum

Another great historical place to visit is the underground tour of the History Museum of Sacramento. This museum is located in Old Sacramento and shows its history. You will enjoy a three-quarter-mile relaxing trip inside the museum. 

You’ll pass through an underground area of 200 yards, where you’ll discover the city’s stories and how citizens were struggled and survived by the floods of the mid-19th century. Another interesting thing inside the Museum for Adults (for 21 years or over) that shows murder, madness, etc.

Take a Tour on the Paved Path of American River Trail

Another great way to spend a wonderful time is on the American River Trail, which is part of the Country Regional Park System. This is a well-maintained landscape along the river, where you can go on a bike tour, jogging, horseback riding, etc. 

This 32-mile paved road parallels the river and connects the two cities of Folsom and Old Sacramento. You can access the park from multiple points. You can enter the park either from Discover Park or from Paradise Beach Recreation Area. Other entry points are the Nature Reserve of Howe River Access and River Bend Park. When you’re going to Sacramento, don’t miss this relaxing natural landscape along the American River Trail.

Feel the view of the world on a tandem skydive

If you want to make your travel experience exciting and funny, you can just go outside Sacramento, it’ll take just 15 minutes to get to the city. Head to Yolo Country Airport where you can enjoy the thrilling experience of skydiving. This was a truly breathtaking experience and one of the most memorable moments. Well-trained professionals are there with all the safety requirements, but you can avoid this if you have phobias of height.

Drink and ride on the Sacbrew Bike

Drinking and cycling on the Sacbrew Bike with friends was a quite different experience for me. If you’re traveling with your friends then don’t miss this ride, I’m sure you’re going to really enjoy the journey. This is a fantastic trip inside the city with local bears, a music system, and new people. It was really a great trip while riding together with a group. The Sacbrew Bike has a capacity of 15 members, you can book a bike with your group if you want to keep your own privacy, or you can travel with new people.

Food Tour in Sacramento’s Downtown

The city’s one-day food tour is fantastic because Sacramento is packed with local food outlets offering a variety of meals, beers, and cheeses. When you book a food trip, a guide will take you to different spots, and you’ll discover the community of the local farms. The price of your meal will be included in the tour on this food tour. This is a great way to explore the food of Sacramento, and if you ever visit, I recommend that you travel to this place.


When you start counting the cool things to do in Sacramento, there’s a long list of numbers to go. Nevertheless, I have only mentioned a few of them in this post. As I described above, there are some places where you can learn about many historical items, the attractive Railroad Museum, and the Sacramento History Museum. If you’re a foodie then try the Sacramento Downtown Food Tour.  And if you’re traveling with your friends, don’t miss the Sacbrew Bike trip, you’re going to enjoy it really.

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