What are the Benefits of Soil Health Card for Farmers in India?

Farmers are the driving force of the country. And to help them financially and support them in what they do, the prime minister has come up with different schemes to help in their sustainability. The system thrives on assisting farmers in growing crops based on scientific methodology.

Thus, yielding more significant crops becomes relatively feasible. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at what this scheme offers. Let’s get started.

Features of Soil health card scheme

Several things are covered under the scheme. All of which are enlisted below

  • The program aims to include more than 14 crores farmers throughout the country.
  • The program provides farmers with adequate knowledge in ensuring that they are well knowledge about how they can yield more significant crops by a scientific implementation.

What a soil health card scheme contains?

Under the soil health card scheme, a farmer can avail many things, and all of the things that a farmer could get from this scheme are given below.

  • The overall condition and the health of the soil.
  • A detailed characteristic of the soil and its properties.
  • Water retention properties and other nutrients, vitamin & minerals of the soil.
  • Addition features of the soil and the best crop that could be grown for the particular soil.
  • Highlighting the defects of the soil to make it better and fit for agricultural ventures.

Benefits of the scheme?

  • Farmers can avail exclusive benefits from the scheme.
  • Farmers are notified as to what type so soils they comprise and which crop would be the best for them to grow.
  • A detailed report is provided by the government authorities to farmers about their soil once every three years. Due to natural defects and other conditions related to weather changes, detailed monitoring is carried out by the authorities to give farmers a detailed report on the changing soil conditions.
  • Also, the scheme provides farmers extra input on how they can increase their productivity of crops. The government can advise the implementations of changes due to regular climate changes and agricultural practices.
  • The government undertakes unique care and treatment options for the soil. They organize unique treatment options to conduct soil surveys and ensure that the soil of a particular land has all the necessary vitamins and minerals that it needs to comprise.
  • If the land has any issue, then an immediate notification is given out by the government officials.

How to get a soil health card?

Typically, if a farmer wishes to have a soil health card, then it issued every once in three years. If you are wondering as to how to get a soil health card? Then applying at the dedicated government agency as to where the health cards are distributed, can avail you the benefits.

Thus, with the help of such cards, you can expect farmers to have a constant update on the soil conditions and all the necessary details about their land to cultivate crops effectively and at better health.

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