Why Is Quality Cat Food Important For Your Cat’s Well-Being?

Felines are charming and loving in their own unique ways. Every feline parent wants to give their feline the best cat food and want her to grow strong and healthy. And as feline parents, it is important to know what is essential for the well-being of a feline – protein, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and water.

The big cats in the wild and domesticated cats have a similar diet, that is – a low carb diet. Therefore, felines do not need many carbohydrates in their diet. Quality cat food brands understand this and formulate their food similar to the diet of big cats in the wild.

Read on to find out more in-depth information on the different types of cat foods and what your feline should be fed before selecting a quality cat food for her.

The Importance of Essential Ingredients

  • Protein: Helps in making muscles strong and provides energy
  • Water: Helps in digestion and provides nourishment
  • Fatty Acids: Helps in keeping the fur shiny and healthy
  • Vitamins & Nutrients: Help in improving immunity

Types of Cat Foods

There are 2 different types of cat food – Wet and Dry. Both the foods are either part of a feline’s diet or fed individually. These also offer the following benefits individually:

Benefits of Dry Cat Food

  1. Dental Care

Dry food helps develop a feline’s biting and chewing skills and keeps them well exercised. High-quality cat foods are able to get the plaque out of a feline’s teeth and ensure good dental hygiene and care. Dry food formulated for kittens are bite-sized and are best for developing their teeth.

  • Convenient and Cost-Effective

Due to their long shelf life, these foods are long-lasting and therefore, cost-effective than wet cat food. Dry food is easy to measure and create portions for mealtimes. These can be fed at any time and anywhere.

Benefits of Wet Cat Food

  1. Texture and Smell

For kittens and senior felines, this food is easy to chew due to its soft texture. The smell of wet cat food is also highly appealing to all felines, which means no fussing issues.

  • Moisture

High-quality cat foods ensure high amounts of water content in their foods as it is the most essential ingredient for felines. Water makes the food moist and easily digestible, thus providing felines of all ages with the benefit of nourishment. This also decreases the chances of dehydration in felines.

What To Feed Your Feline

Just like humans, a feline’s diet varies according to age group. Kittens, adult and senior felines – each have a different diet. High-quality cat food brands formulate age-appropriate foods for each life stage of a feline. 

Kitten Food

A kitten needs more energy to move around and be healthy. Therefore, her diet is 3 – 4 times the diet of an adult feline. Veterinarians who are specialized in nutrition, often recommend feeding a high-quality cat food which is formulated for kittens because it offers all the nutritional needs in each serving.

Adult Cat Food

The best quality adult cat food brands manufacture grain-free cat foods that are closest to a wild cat’s diet – low on carbohydrates. Feeding carbohydrates to adult felines contributes to their weight gain and may lead to obesity. Their activity levels are lower compared to kittens and they should be fed grain-free cat foods high in protein and taurine.

Senior Cat Food

The dry food for senior cats needs to be easily digestible and wet food should have ample amounts of water content for easy chewing and hydration. Due to age, senior felines often develop illnesses and diseases and this means they need high-quality cat food that is formulated to address their health issues.

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